What defines success?

Success may be defined into one word to the general population:

Money? Prosperity? Happiness? 

Throughout the period of my exploration in DC, I have reflected on my true definition of “success”.

First, I have gathered my own random analysis of compare& contrast with uncontrolled observations.

Second, walking in history for past few weeks and reflecting my own behavior.

Third, molding into the new culture and conversing with natives/non-natives.

My usual day begins 5:45AM in middle of suburbia, dreading to wake up since my iPhone alarm goes off about four times, yelling “YOU HAVE A LONG DAY AHEAD OF YOU!!, REALITY!, etc.” Also questioning “ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE A GOOD DAY?, BAD DAY, etc.?” 

My stress level soars and I can feel my blood rushing to my brain. I finally decide to wakeup and realize that I am ambushed to make my own breakfast, lunch, sanitize, and appropriately dress in business casual. 

7:45AM- Get on the Metro, read Washington Post, and put on my earphones to avoid strangers.

8:40AM- Arrive @SouthCapitol and walk towards Rayburn. 

9:00AM- In my cubicle, login Outlook, and drink more coffee.

However, throughout the duration of three hours, I get to observe various commuters in DC. 

One difference I feel in the metropolitan vs. suburbia (generally speaking) is that people in DC seem to define success as “Knowledge& Power”. Suburbian’s desire “Family& Shelter”. 

Well, isn’t that an obvious answer? Well, let me explain in detail. 

On the Metro, vast majority of all people are busy reading newspapers and books, (Democrats: Washington Post, Republicans: Washington Times). Trying to update themselves with the latest current news and making sure to have ideas to discuss once they enter the office. Possibly, have enough facts to debate with other co-workers in a argumentative mood and demolish all bias.

Could you imagine, the amount of ideas going through a particular individual and elaborating with at least five different perspectives on a daily basis vs. a person eating potato chips and watching the Kardashians?

To Be Cont….

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"I like cloud to be dramatic- dark and tempestuous. I like to be challenged and provoked, and confronted with ideas and opinions. My cloud would be a big storm, one that no one could ignore."
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maison martin margiela artisanal f/w 2012, tara jean nordbrock for collezioni luxe december 2012
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fashion blog
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having to re upload this as this is my new blog. enjoy! <3
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Buon fine settimana a tutti!
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Studies of the foetus in the womb, 1513
Leonardo da Vinci
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